Getting Google to pick the best meta description text

Best meta description textWhen you type a search term or question into Google and look at the results you will notice a clickable heading and some text underneath. You might read this text and you may notice it is or isn’t very relevant to the result you were looking for.

Just how relevant it is will depend on a number of things, but one of the biggest factors is how much effort a website owner puts into writing the meta description tags for the pages. Why? Because it greatly increases the chance of Google picking them for the description text in their results.

It’s true that writing these takes quite a bit of time and effort but if you do take the time for your own website, Google should notice it and use them as the text underneath the heading in the results for your pages.

So how can you find out what the description text is like for your webpages on Google?

Actually it’s very simple. All you need to do is enter (replacing with your own site’s address) into the search box and press search.

You’ll then see a whole list of results for all the pages google has indexed on your website. If you have spent time editing the meta description text on the pages there’s a good chance some of these will make sense for the page. Other ones will be comprised of snippets Google thinks will be useful for people to read. But as this is done by a machine it’s unlikely to be as well written as something you could compose yourself.

This is a problem we faced ourselves recently with one our clients who’s on the Budget SEO Package. Their website had been doing well in Google but had dropped a little recently. One of the things we noticed was that some of the meta descriptions had not been completed or needed reworking.

We started working on this at once and things are starting to improve already with and increase in CTR and an overall lift in ranking for many of the keywords.

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Getting Google to pick the best meta description text — 2 Comments

  1. Writing the perfect meta description which simultaneously maximizes SERP click through rate and SEO benefit is truly an art. It’s pretty simple to do one or the other, but when you manage to do both at the same time? Well, that’s just beautiful.

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