Google Analytics Campaigns & how they can help you make the best marketing decisions

Google Analytics CampaignsLearn how to set up your own Google Analytics Campaigns

Do you use Google Analytics to monitor the visitors on your website? Chances are you do as it’s an extremely powerful package and of course it’s free.

Most people log in now and then to check the overall visitor numbers and maybe look at which pages they visited.

But Analytics can do an awful lot more than that and one of its most powerful features are the Campaigns. Take a look down the links on the left of the Analytics Dashboard and towards the end you’ll see the Campaigns link (you might need to click open the Acquisitions link to find it).

Click on All Campaigns and you may even find some campaigns in there already especially if you do email marketing with say Mailchimp or Your Mailing List Provider, or maybe you use Buffer to manage your social media posts as this will also create campaigns..

What are Google Analytics Campaigns?

In simple terms you can use Google Analytics Campaigns to track any visitor source or URL so you know whether that traffic is of worthwhile value or not. This is even more useful if you have Goals setup as you’ll see the sales or leads the source brought in.

How do I set up Google Analytics Campaigns?

Google Analytics Campaigns can be developed from any URL, whether it’s one from your own website or an external source of traffic. It is based around the full URL then a ? at the end followed by the tracking code. You need to add tracking details such as name, sources, content etc.

If all that sounds a little complicated don’t worry. It would be so if you had to put them together manually, but luckily Google has provided a simple tool that makes the job a cinch.

You can find the Google Analytics Campaigns tool here along with the quick guide on using it.

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