Using the search engine auto suggest to refine keywords for SEO

Using the search engine auto suggest to refine keywords for SEOMost website owners have an idea of which keywords phrases are going to work best for them. This is gained from customer feedback, brainstorming or simply trying out the search terms themselves in the search engine.

However once they have this basic list they often struggle to build a longer list of relevant keywords. This is relatively easy to do but takes a bit of time and effort to complete the research. We face a similar problem when we’re doing keyword research for clients on our Budget SEO Package.

How Google auto suggest can help with SEO

One simple tool I often use to help with this the the auto suggest system present with all the major search engines these days. All you need to do is enter the first one or two letters of your keyword phrase and a whole list of other possible phrases will appear below it.

So for example the other day I was looking for kids party related keywords for a client on our Budget Package and entered that phrase into Google. The results as you see below expand out a few idea on the original keyword phrase. I could then try another of those phrases such as ‘kids party ideas’ and see what results that brings.
Kids party keywords using autosuggest
You can easily take all this a step further using an SEO tool called Ubersuggest. This correlates all the auto suggest results together and you can easily output them as text to easily add to your keyword list.

Ubersuggest is a great SEO tool for keyword research

Running the same research for the kids party keywords using Ubersuggest produces a much more comprehensive list as below, which offers an even better source for the keyword list.
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Ubersuggest kids party results

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