How to increase web page enquiries by up to 5 times

Need more business coming through the website?

How to increase web page enquiries by up to 5 times

Make it as easy as possible for visitors to find the enquiry form

Are you looking for more business to come through your website? Did you know you could be getting up to five times more enquiries by making some simple changes to the pages.

Web pages are often poorly thought through

In fact most business web site pages are woefully inadequate at generating the potential number of leads that they could. The reason for this is usually poorly thought through web design or the page structure is making it too difficult for visitors to reach the enquiry form when they need to.

Think about it: how many times have you visited a website and then looked for a quick way to get in touch only to be frustrated by how long it takes to find the form, if there is one, or having to use an alternative (more time consuming) contact method such as email or phone.

The answer is simple

So what is the answer? It’s very simple. Just add a form directly onto the web page. It doesn’t need to go on every page just the important pages, you think people are likely to enquire on and especially on the services page.

For example we currently offer our visitors a free SEO grammar audit. If you take a look at this page you’ll notice the form is very obviously placed on the right with a large red heading. From experience having the contact method for this service on another page or even at the bottom of the page would mean losing roughly two thirds of the enquiries we currently get.

How to add a form to a web page

How difficult is it to add a form to the page? If you use a web designer or developer it’s simply a matter of asking them to drop the form on the page, and if you’ve build the site yourself it should not be too difficult either.

For some business website owners it may not be quite so simple. Either the cost will be too high or the designer may not be available (if you are no longer in touch with the original developer). This makes things a little more challenging but there are still options. For instance I’ve used Web Form Buddy in the past and have found it a low cost, easy to install and effective solution.

Where to place the form and why it matters

Where the form is placed can make a big difference to how effective the conversion rate is. I’ve found, after trying it in different places on the page, it works best towards the top and on the right. However the performance can vary depending on the type of business you run (some visitors may be more likely to use a form than others) and what is on the page.

For example if the content is very engaging and drives people to use the form, it may not matter so much where it is placed on the page and can fit as needed with the design. Or the page content may be very long, in which case the form may be better towards the end of the page. Also in this situation you can add two forms one at the top and one at the bottom.

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