Finding your website’s most popular keywords in Google using Search Console & SheerSEO

Finding your websites most popular keywords in GoogleWhen working to improve results from search term keyword it always makes sense to start with the most popular keywords and phrases you are placed for in the search engines and look at ways to get their positions higher. This is always going to be the easiest way to get quick results.

Find the most popular keywords in Google with the Search Console

We can do this quite easily with Google using their Search Console (which used to be called Webmaster Tools). Read on below to learn how to configure Search Console to output a report of all the keywords that are coming high for your website.

First thing to do is open the Search Console and click on the domain you’d like to see the keywords for. If you don’t yet have Search Console configured for your site you’ll need to do it to complete this. It’s a very quick and easy process to get up and running with this invaluable tool and there is guide from Google here, and one I’ve written previously here as well.

Once you’re in Search Console for your own site, you’ll see down the left all the links to view the different reports. To get to the information we need first click on the ‘Search Traffic’ link and then the ‘Search Analytics’ from the drop-down.

You’ll notice the centre of the page now contains a report showing the keywords. To get all the information we need there is a few more things to do. First click on the ‘Dates’ link near the middle of the page and choose the last 90 days. This will give the maximum amount of data to work with.

Now click the ‘Queries’ link and then tick the tick boxes above for ‘Impressions’, ‘CTR’ and ‘Position’.

The next thing to do is to download as a spreadsheet so you can extract the keyword phrases. Click on the download button below to do this.

Review using a keyword position tool like SheerSEO

To find out how these keywords are doing in Google you need to use a keyword position tool. The one I recommend is called SheerSEO. It is very easy to use and is free for 60 days.

Just visit the main SheerSEO website, enter your website address (halfway down the page) and then you can enter the keywords from the Google Search Console spreadsheet you created above. Then create a free SheerSEO account so you can monitor progress ongoing.

Also I’ve written a SheerSEO review you can find here…

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