On Page SEO vs Off Page SEO. Which is the best option?

On Page SEO vs Off Page SEO Which is the best optionIs on-page keyword optimisation still an effective way to drive your web pages higher in the search engines?

In the on page SEO vs off page SEO debate, you could be forgiven for thinking that to have any chance of success in driving your site higher in Google you need to be practising a much wider range of off page marketing activities than just making sure you have relevant keyword phrases on the page.

Things like PR, social media, local marketing and even radio advertising have all been touted as equally important in the debate between on page vs off page SEO, if you ever want a decent measure of success.

So which is best, on page SEO or off page?

But do all these new trends really work as well as simply focusing on the on-page keywords? After all at the end of the day if you don’t have the right keywords on the page at somewhere near the right density, the chance of the search engines figuring out just what the page is about is that much less likely.

For example we’ve been helping small business owners optimise their websites for over ten years now and in my view over that time on page effectiveness has not really diminished at all, in fact in many situations with the overwhelming power of Google theresdays, it has vastly increased especially for small businesses that don’t have too much on-line competition.

Example from one of our clients

This is well illustrated by a client we’ve been working with through out budget SEO package who have enjoyed a big lift in their Google page positions for their top search terms.

They run a business selling second hand tools and started with our budget SEO package to help the site rank better in the results. We started working with them and after one month we reviewed progress and as shown below site has achieved search engine ranking increases of up to 192 places for phrases like ‘the old tool store’, ‘used tools sale’ and ‘used engineering tools’ as well as many smaller increases.

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