SEO Guides: Send a social SEO postcard to help market your business

SEO Guides: Send a social SEO postcard to help market your businessHere's a great way to promote your website with search and social

And it's something you can do as part of your ongoing marketing

Everyone likes to get a postcard but could they help with your website's search engine position? If you can incorporate a unique business message or offer, social sharing and an SEO keyword, it could be an effective marketing vehicle.

Develop a unique message or offer

First you need to print up some postcards with a unique message about your business or service, finishing with a phrase readers can search to find you on the search engines.

Incentivise people to share

The next thing is to include an incentive to share the card's message with others, either via email, social media or offline. So for example someone running an online sweet store, might offer a 10% first time discount based on a unique code people can share using one of the methods above.

Why have the search engine keyword phrase?

So why have the search engine keyword phrase? The simple answer is that up to 80% of people use a search engine as their first port of call when looking for anything online. So even if they do enter your full web address it could well be into a search box rather than via the browser address bar. So why not give them a keyword phrase to use as well as your business name (which you should be found for)?

This has the benefit that it will help people find you, but also the search engines will notice the extra traffic and this could help with the position in the results.

Is it worth all the effort?

So is it worth all the effort and expense? After all postage is expensive these days not to mention the printing for the cards. In my view it is. I have tried it out as a small trial and tracked the visitors coming back. This is what I found.

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