Website visitors that return are more likely to buy – are they returning to your site?

Getting website visitors to come back to your site can increase sales

Getting Website Visitors Back

How do you find out if they’re coming back?

There’s a popular statistic that says on average a website visitor will return to the website up to seven times before buying. In my experience this may be true as an average, but it can vary greatly. For instance lower cost products need less visits to buy, and well known brands less as well.

Good thing visitors are coming back as it shows they like your site

What it does illustrate is that people coming back to your website is a good thing, because it shows that they found something useful the first time they visited. They’re returning to continue that favorable experience, and will most likely be exposed to your products or Services along the way.

Getting visitors to come back regularly takes effort, so you need to know how it’s working

Getting visitors to return to your website regularly takes a lot of effort in developing compelling content or other material people find useful or interesting. If you’re achieving this you deserve a pat on the back because it’s not easy. However with all that work you need to know how many are returning on a regular basis.

Luckily, if you run Google Analytics on your website you can access a few reports that offer valuable insights on returning visitors. Let’s take a look at what these reports offer.

How to access returning visitor reports from Google Analytics

First you need to open Google Analytics and open your website reporting. Down the left of the page you’ll see a list of links to open the reports. Click on the ‘Audience’ link which opens more drop-down links. Click on ‘Behaviour’, and they will show a drop-down of links called ‘New vs. Returning’, ‘Frequency & Recency’ and ‘Engagement’. Click on these to start exploring the returning information.

  • New vs. Returning. This is a very simple report. It show the number of new visitors and the number of returning ones (returning means visitors that have been on your site previously in the past month).
  • Frequency & Recency. This report show the count of visits and the days since last visit.
  • Engagement. This useful report show the engagement level for the visitors. Obviously the more time spent on the site the better the chance of them buying or enquiring.

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