SEO Guides: Should you be using Google AdWords as part of your website marketing strategy?

SEO Guides: Should you be using Google AdWords as part of your website marketing strategy?

SEO Guides: Should you be using Google AdWords as part of your website marketing strategy?

To get the best from the Google search engine you may need to use AdWords.

Trying to achieve it all by optimising your site may not be enough these days.

There's been a lot of debate recently about just how much of the Google search results page is given over to natural or organic results (non-paid as opposed to ads). Some are suggesting this could be as low as just 18.5% for some screens, although the average for most people will be more than that.

You could be missing out on a lot of website traffic.

Debates like this have been going on for some time and will likely continue, but in my view one thing that's for certain is, just relying on getting all your Google traffic from the organic (free) results, may over time mean you're missing out on an awful lot of valuable visitors.

You have to pay for AdWords visitors but it could be worth it.

Where do you get those missing visitors from. The answer is Google AdWords. Of course the big problem in people's minds with AdWords is you have to pay Google for every visitor that comes onto your site, and a lot of smaller businesses don't like the idea of paying for traffic that think they might be able to get for free.

It could even be more cost effective than SEO!

The truth is, getting the website positioned high enough on Google to drive enough visitors from the organic free search, can be very challenging and costly if you are paying someone else to achieve it. This could make getting the visitors through AdWords a much more cost-effective way to achieve it.

Two ways I can help you with this:

1. I've written a fairly detailed AdWords Guide that takes you through the whole process of creating an AdWords account:

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