Five Minute SEO Tasks – Super quick way to optimise the meta title tag

Updated 18/09/2013

A few minutes spent optimising the meta title tags is a quick way to improve search engine position

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These SEO Tasks will need just five minutes to complete and are totally focused on getting your website higher on the search engines.

It's a simple fact that people often think editing meta tags is a waste of time when in truth I've found they can be one of the quickest ways to drive your web pages higher up the search engines.

Can influence the search engines and their users

The tag that can make the biggest difference is the meta title tag because it has a very good chance of appearing on the search engine results page and has an influence over both the search engines and their users.

You just need to find few minutes a day to complete this task

Just spending a few minutes reworking these important tags on your web pages can really make a difference to the page positions in the search engines, and in my experience is one of the quickest ways you can do it.

I'm going to outline below a very quick way you can edit the meta title tag so you can build the task into your day, when you have a few spare minutes.

First thing to do is login to your website content management system (CMS)

First thing to do is to login to your websites content management system (CMS) and check to see if there is a box somewhere to edit the meta description tags. If you can't find it or are unsure ask the person or company who developed or manages your website.

Have the meta tags been done before?

Now open one of your pages in the editor and have a look to see if there is currently anything written in the meta title tag box. Don't be surprised if there isn't as often no one will have done them.

Enter a phrase that someone might have entered in a search engine

Now you need to write a phrase in there. Ideally this needs to be a phrase that someone might enter into the search engines to find the page, as well as describing the page and what it is about.

You could use a keyword research tool but there is a much quicker way



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