SEO Tips: Doing a content audit on your website can really help with SEO

Doing a website content audit on your website can really help with SEO

Doing a website content audit on your website can really help with SEO

Any website owner will know that some pages are more popular than others. This is quite normal, as areas like products, services or news will naturally get more traffic than the less popular areas of a website.

But what about the pages that are getting little or no traffic at all? Do you just ignore them or is it worth finding them and then doing something about getting more visitors to read them?

From the SEO point of view, I think it is well worth auditing your website pages and looking to improve any that have little or no traffic. The reason for this is simple. Search engines (Google especially) will have a fair idea of how many visitors your web pages get. So if they don't think a page is popular, it is much less likely to have a decent position in the results.

So how do you go about finding out how many visitors each of your pages are getting? If you have Google Analytics running on your site this is quite strightforward.

First go to the Google Analytics site. Then click on "Standard Reporting" from the orange bar at the top. Then set the date range. I'd recommend going back a year or more if you can as then you'll have more details on the page visitor numbers.

Now from the left side links click "Content" to show the links below and then click on "Site Content" to reveal more links. Now click on "Pages" and in the main window the Pages report will appear showing all the page URLs, with Pageviews besides them.

Now click where it says "Pageviews" to get the little grey arrow pointing upwards. Now click the "Show rows" at the bottom to show as many as you need.

Now you have a list of your website page URLs, starting with the ones that have least traffic (you could find some page with only a few visitors a year). Next you need to export the list. To do this look at the top of the page (just under the orange bar), where it says "Export". I generally choose PDF as it is easy to manage, the links are live and I and I can print it out if needed.

Now comes the time consuming bit! You need to start working through this list optimising the pages to increase the traffic. I've written a 30 Day SEO Course which may help you with this.

Doing a regular ongoing website content audit is important for SEO and I am working on a more detailed tutorial on it. To make sure you're the first to know when I publish it, make sure and subscribe to my SEO Tips Newsletter.

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