Doing SEO on its own doesn’t work anymore and it may even disadvantage your site

Search engine optimisation can still be effective…

Doing SEO on its own doesn't work anymore and it may even disadvantage your site

…but it needs to be part of your overall marketing activity

The meaning of SEO is changing. Not so long ago it was all about working some keywords into the page text, including them in the meta tags, developing a few backlinks and there would be a reasonable chance all this would help the site’s position in the search engines.

Things don’t work the way they used to

But now things are very different. Those things can still work, more or less, but they need to be a part of your wider business marketing strategy. Effective SEO now needs to encompass a much wider range of activities for it to be successful.

Simply put, on-page SEO like keyword and meta tag optimisation can still be highly effective but now needs to be considered as part of the overall marketing activities rather than a discipline to be used on its own.

What marketing activities now work well with SEO?

The search engines use some 200 or more factors when deciding where to place a website’s pages in their results. Previously keyword and backlinks have had greater influence, but now there’s a much wider sphere of influences.

Web page content needs to be useful to those reading it

These include activities on social media, offline or mentions in the press. Above all the page of content needs to be useful to those reading it. The more useful they find it the more likely they are to tell others (share) and so the more chance the search engine will notice.

What to incorporate into the new SEO strategy

So the new SEO strategy now might be to write the most interesting useful content you can, tell your social media followers all about it, as well as the press if relevant, and then make sure it has the right keywords in the text and the meta title and description makes sense (as these can appear in the search results page).

I’ve found applying these simple techniques, can, over time make a huge difference to how well the pages do in the search engines.

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