Don’t over commercialise your website

Don't over commercialise your websiteIt could affect the ranking in Google

Read on below to learn how…

Most business websites are built to earn income or generate leads, so it’s logical to do everything possible towards that end. But there is a fine balance to be had, and if the website is too focused on the commercial side of things the search engines might downgrade it a little compared to a site that, while still being obvious about it’s business purpose still offers enough useful or even valuable information to those looking to research or find out more before their purchase.

For example anyone who spends a little time on the ReallySimpleSEO site will become aware before too long of the Premium Membership package which allows full unfettered access to download all the books and courses, but before learning this they will most likely have experienced the wealth of free tips and guides (which now number over 500).

How not to over commercialise a website

So what is the right balance between enabling visitors to learn about the products you sell or services offered against ensuring they get to learn as much as they want, something which should also keep the search engines happy? In truth it depend, but I’ve found there is a simple test you can do to help you find out.

Next time your in the early stages of buying something and planning to do some research on the internet, do it with awareness of what you want to achieve and how the websites you’ve looked at helped you (make notes as you go if you can) make your decision. Then while this experience is fresh in your mind do the same on your own site as though you were a visitor that’s never seen the site before.

Then reflect back on the exercise. Ask yourself how useful was the informational content on your site? Did it help you achieve your aims? Or did you keep being blocked by the sales copy or irrelevant information, meaning there was no way to gather the information you needed?

By completing this exercise on a few of the pages you should quickly get an idea of whether the site is too commercially focused or not, and any changes you might need to make along the way.

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