SEO Tips: What to expect from a Free SEO Audit?

What to expect from a free SEO Audit.Looking for some SEO Feedback on your website?

Maybe a Free SEO Audit could help. But just what should you expect to get?

The Free SEO Audit has long been popular both with businesses looking for help and advice on optimising their website, as well as SEO companies looking to help them.

The big question is, however: exactly what should you expect from a free SEO audit? Just how detailed should it be? Does it need to be in written form? Or will it be some website feedback over the phone? And how useful will it be going forward?

You may get a quote to improve things.

Most business owners will understand that if a SEO company takes the time and effort to review their website, and provide some feedback, then it is not unreasonable for them to offer a quote to do the work to improve things.

This allows the SEO company to give their time in doing the audit for free, even though a fair number of the audits completed will never bring them any payback.

Can be a win win situation.

So for the website business owner this can be a win win situation. They get some free feedback on their websites, that may allow them to make some changes in the short term, and then in the longer term they can get help if needed.

Obviously a website owner should never feel they are been pressured into buying SEO services they might not need at that time. One the other hand SEO companies find that some people just go from one to another, getting their free audits, with no intention of ever seeking any further work.

Here at ReallySimpleSEO, we're about to offer free audits by working with SEO companies and agencies in Europe, the United States and of course the UK. Without their help we'd never be able to offer the free SEO AuditsQuotes, Backlink Reviews and more. And generally it works very well, with good feedback from both side.

So just what should you expect to get from a Free SEO Audit?

So getting back to the main topic, just what should you expect from a free SEO audit or review? First you need to remember it is free, so you won't necessarily get a 50 page detailed report. More likely it will be based around some simple analysis looking at key areas like keyword position, backlinks, any technical issues and so on.

One thing that is becoming more popular is for the SEO consultant to call and go through the website over the telephone, identifying the SEO issues along the way. This has the great advantage that you learn more about the SEO on your site, first-hand, and don't need to spend time trying to understand the reports.

Like a Free SEO Audit on your business website?

Visit this page, and just enter a few details. You'll be under no obligation to buy anything.

Want to have a go at auditing your own website?

It's actually not that difficult for you to complete a simple SEO Audit on your own site, especially if you use my DIY SEO Kit. Just click here to get started.

Had a free audit and got something to say? Just enter it in the comments below.


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