SEO Tips: How to highlight the keyword phrases in your competitors website – Part 1

SEO Tips How to highlight the keyword phrases in your competitors website Part 1Are your competitors pages doing better than you in Google?

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It is possible to get some clues as to why, using a simple keyword highlighting tool

Do you ever enter a keyword phrase into Google to see where your website is placed, only to find your competitors pages instead? How do they keep getting in there? What are their secrets?

There can be a whole lot of factors that decide how high a page is on Google, but certainly in my view the actual on-page keywords and how they are placed can make a big difference.

Highlight the keywords in your competitor's website

So what you need is to be able to do, is to go to your competitors web pages and have all the search terms highlighted so you can see where they've put them. Bit of a tall order? Actually there is a very simple way to do this, especially if you use the Google Chrome browser.

How's it done?

First you need be using the Google Chrome browser. The next thing is to install a word highlighter Chrome Extension. I use one called Word Highlight and you can access it here (using the Chrome browser) to install it. You will need to activate the Extension once you've install it. If it has installed correctly there should be a small W at the end of the browser address bar.

Now go to Google search and enter your keyword phrase you want to explore. When the results come up, click on the W and all of the keywords you entered in the box should be highlighted in different colours.

Now explore your competitions keywords!

Now you can start exploring your competitions keywords. Click on one of the links that are above you, to visit the page. Now you need to highlight the keywords on this page. Click the W again to highlight the keywords. If they are no longer in the box click the edit button and enter them again.

You should now see all the keyword highlighted in the page text. You can then see where they are positioned either as one phrases or spread throughout the text. If you click the W again it will also show you how many occurrences of each keyword there are.

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