SEO Tips: How much should SEO Cost?

Getting someone to do quality SEO for you might cost more than you would think…

How much should SEO cost?

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Most business people who manage a website have had a quote at some time or another, to have the site optimised for the search engines.

What are they offering and will it help?

Besides the question of understanding exactly what is being offered in the quote, there is also the thorny issue of what is being offered is actually going to help anyway.

Cost can range from under £100 to well over £1000/month

The type and cost of SEO services can range widely from under £100 a month to over £1000 or more, as well as a wide range of specific services such as link building, pay per keyword, bespoke work and so on.

SEO is getting more challenging all the time

The problem is achieving success with SEO is challenging and it is becoming more so as Google and the other search engines get better at leveling the field between optimised and non optimised websites.

Getting good results over the longer term could cost you a lot of money

This means to get sustainable effective long term results, takes a lot of time and can cost a lot of money, if you’re employing an SEO consultant or agency to help you.

So based  purely on my own experience and knowledge of SEO pricing, I’ve outlined below some of the typical costs involved in optimising a site:

Do it yourself (DIY) £20 or less a month
Do it yourself (DIY) £20 or less a month. Obviously this is going to be the cheapest option. It may not cost you anything except your time (but do remember to factor in the the cost of this). There my also be small costs for some SEO tools but this should be less than £20/month.

One man band SEO consultant around £150 to £200 month
If you can find a good one, a one man or woman band, SEO consultant can do a great job without costing a fortune. The challenge is finding one who knows his or her stuff and is still reasonably priced.

Small to mid sizes SEO company around £300 to £400 a month
Again if you can find a good SEO company (and they need to be good paying this sort of money), you should get good results.

SEO agency focused on results £800 + a month
An SEO agency may have a wider range of in-house skills to call on to deliver the results you need. Obviously at this sort of money you should be offered your own account manager who will update you regularly on progress, against the original brief.

Are you surprised at these costs? Think they should be less?

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If you’re a small business or run a small online business, you may well be surprised at these costs, and think they are very expensive. But in my experience they are not that far away, when working with quality SEO consultants or agencies.

There are plenty around who will do it for less, but be careful

Of course you can find plenty of SEO companies who will offer you what seems like similar services for much less, but I’d advise to check their offering carefully and ask for genuine testimonials (this really applies to hiring any agency or company).

The simple fact is, delivering effective SEO results takes time (sometimes a lot of time) and either you’ve got to learn the skills needed or employ someone who has these skills already, and these people generally don’t come cheap.

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