5 Simple Steps to Learning More About Your Online Competitors

5 Simple Steps to Learning More About Your Online Competitors If you run a business chances are you’ll be aware of a competitor’s website that always seems to be higher in Google than you are. And no matter what you do you never seen to get above them.

Of course this situation is immensely frustrating and it often seems nigh impossible to do much about it.

But actually there is quite a bit you can do and this starts with doing a quick review of your competitors websites to try and identify what their advantage is.

Below I’ve identified 5 quick things you can check:

  1. Review meta tags. Look at the meta title and description tags on your competitor’s website (you can see these at the top of the page source code) and see how they compare to them on your own site
  2. On-page keywords. Are the main keyword phrases present on your website pages as they are on the competitor’s site? This SEO tool produces detailed reports you can compare two or more websites
  3. Checkout Backlinks. If your competitor has got a lot of links coming in from high quality/traffic websites this can greatly help with ranking. Check them out with this SEO tool to see how they compare to yours
  4. Have they had a lot of SEO work done on the site? Read through some of the content on their site and notice if maybe it reads a little strangely, or you notice many keywords on the page. Chances are they’ve used an SEO firm to help gain an advantage
  5. Use online ranking tools to compare. Online ranking indicators like Google Pagerank, Alexa, Compete & Quantcast Rank offer an objective view of how a site is doing. I’ve found WebRankStats is a great tool to review these for each website.

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