Don’t forget Yahoo and Bing when optimising your website

Don’t forget Yahoo and Bing when optimising your websiteOptimising your website specifically for Bing and Yahoo as well as Google, still makes sense

In the quest for always gaining the best possible Google ranking for your website it’s easy to forget there are two other major search engines as well namely Bing and Yahoo.

It’s totally understandable that website owners often don’t give these search engines much time when they account for less than 15 percent of total search traffic and much less than that in the UK. Based on this, obviously it makes sense to focus your efforts on Google.

But there is another important factor website owners rarely consider that can show Bing and Yahoo in a much more favourable light and this is that visitor that come from Bing and Yahoo often convert into sales or leads at a much higher rate than visitors from Google or in other words they are more valuable.

Fine tune optimisation to do well in Bing & Yahoo

So it still makes sense to ensure you fine tune your site for Bing and Yahoo as well as Google and because Bing actually powers Yahoo you really only have to worry about one extra search engine anyway (Bing).

Generally speaking most of the things that help a site do well in Google also help with Bing but here’s a few things that sets Bing apart (this covers Yahoo as well):

  • Bing still holds more importance to the meta title and description tags so it’s worth making sure these are done.
  • Traditional SEO techniques such as on-page keywords can still work well in Bing.
  • Generally Bing delivers up very different results from Google for local searches. So it’s well worth optimising your site for local with Bing in mind.
  • If you have Flash media running on your site chances are Bing will index it more successfully than Google.
  • Bing generally is better at integrating social media into their results, so if you’re big in this area it could bring good result.

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