SEO Ranking: Don’t over obsess about it

SEO Ranking Dont over obsess about itThink your website’s not ranking as well as it might?

Maybe you don’t need to worry after all

Do you run a daily check on how your website is doing in Google for your favourite keyword phrases, and then feel depressed or disappointed when it’s not doing as well as it did yesterday or last week? This is a classic SEO ranking dilemma than many website owners worry about unnecessarily.

You might be over obsessing about keyword ranking when in reality there’s little need to be.

To be fair it’s not really your fault. Website owners have always obsessed about keyword ranking, after all it’s one thing they can measure and if the site’s doing well for the best keywords it’s bound to get more business? Or is it?

In truth these days doing this exercise is little more than a feel good (or not as the case may be) vanity project in that the search results are so personalised that even if you do have a high listing result other paid (pay per click ads) and local results may push your natural listing result way down the first page.

Long tail keywords can help with SEO ranking

The other big factor to consider is that there are a lot more long tail keyword searches than there used to be. These are where people enter more specific phrases or even questions. As the search engines get better at understanding these phrases they are continuing to increase in numbers. So brainstorming them and then incorporating them into your own website’s pages makes sense, because in reality you’ve a much better chance of appearing high for these longer phrases, than single or double keywords.

However make sure and use keywords intelligently and sparingly when creating these long tail phrases. There’s no point in just stuffing them in there or dropping a long tail phrase into a page of non-related content, this will make the page unreadable and do far more harm than good. You need to use common sense and only use when they’re obviously going to add value.


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    • Hi Sergios,

      Thanks for your comment. We don’t offer bespoke keyword and backlink consultancy but do work with a couple of SEO firms who do. I will ask one of them to give you some feedback on what needs to be done to get your site being found more often.

      We do offer a DIY Budget SEO Package. This is ideal if you have some time to do the page optimisation yourself but need a little training and support. It is very affordably as the cost is just £25/month. You can learn more here.


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