SEO Related Searches. How they can offer you unique long tail keyword phrases

Related Searches can offer you unique long tail SEO keyword phrasesFind out how SEO related searches might work for you

Anyone who has used a search engine recently will more than likely notice the related searches offered up that they can click on to expand upon the original search or learn more about the topic. More times than not these phrases can be a great help in finding more useful information.

For website owners these related searches offer an opportunity to increase ranking and drive more traffic because they offer a unique view into the thinking of millions of search engines users, right at the very point they are most likely to engage with your products or services.

Or to put it another way if you can build content or a web page around one of these popular phrases you can be pretty sure you’ve got a ready made audience especially if the page makes it high up the search listings.

Here’s an example of how it might work

So how do they work in reality? Lets look at a very simple example using the ReallySimpleSEO website. If I run a search in Google for ‘really simple seo’ it will obviously bring up a number of results relating to the website. But scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll notice there’s a whole list of related searches as well (see screenshot below).

related searches screenshot

As you can see there are quite a number of phrases to choose from. Some relate closely to the original search with the aim of finding the site or business location, but there are quite a few that could be described as lateral phrases such as ‘simple seo tips’, ‘diy seo to guarantee google page1’ and ‘seo training for beginners’. This last one would be the first I’d pick to investigate further, as it identifies the group ‘beginners’ and they are looking for help, which this site offers.

Where is the page currently positioned?

The first things I would do is to find whether the site is currently positioned for this phrase. The simplest way to find this out is to run that phrase in a search engine and then trawl through the results until I find the page. Another way is to use a search term position tool such as SheerSEO. I go through using this tool in detail in my Weekly SEO Lessons (first two free) if you wish to use it.

I actually found there is a page on the site coming up for the phrase ‘seo training for beginners’, but it is way down the listing at position 189. The aim now would be to work on optimising this page to bring it in much nearer the top, so it can be a source of further traffic when it comes up as a related search in Google.

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