Finding the SEO Strategy That Works for You

Finding the SEO Strategy That Works for YouThe other day I was reading an SEO report published by backlink and internet marketing specialist Brian Dean. Brian has been doing extensive research on what SEO techniques are working best for website owners especially with regard to the ongoing updates at Google.

In short he has compiled Google ranking data from millions of websites and then sifted through all the information using powerful analytics to identify which SEO techniques are delivering the best ranking in Google.

The results were not quite as expected. The single biggest ranking factor turned out to be the value of the backlinks. And the on-page and meta tags contributed less than expected. As did social media, even with over half of all internet traffic coming from Facebook or Twitter this traffic doesn’t seem to help that much with the ranking.

So having read and digested this information you might be forgiving for thinking that it represents a useful framework to base your SEO strategy on.

But as with all compilations of huge amounts of data the personal results for individual website owners can be very different from the aggravate of the many.

So for example a site that offers home removal services to the surrounding towns could get very worthwhile results from on-page optimisation, than say would a globally focused business selling computer memory because they would have too many areas to target.

We know this to be true because we work with all shapes and sizes of website with our 25 GBP a Month Budget SEO Package and find time and again the the things that we’re told won’t work with SEO often in the real world, works really well because success is dependent on the type of market you operate in as much as the SEO techniques you employ for the site.

The simple fact is you really don’t know what’s going to work and what’s not going to work until you try it out. Then you need to review the returns for as long as needed to see if what your trying is working. Only then can you decide whether the advice you’ve read somewhere is going to apply for your website or not.

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