Getting Started with SheerSEO [Use For Free For 60 Days]

Getting Started with SheerSEO [Use For Free For 60 Days]Every website owner wants to get their site ranking higher in Google, but of course it’s much easier said than done.

This is the challenge people on our £25 a month Budget SEO Package face every day in trying to improve the ranking of their websites. One SEO tool that helps both us and them in this endeavour is a SEO ranking application called

We’ve found SheerSEO very easy to use. But it also offers powerful on-board tools, detailed reports and is very reliable in use.

It’s also free for 60 days, which offers more than enough time to learn how your pages are ranked in Google and then do some page optimisation and assess progress.

This post is a quick guide to help you get your site configured with SheerSEO, so you can take advantage of the ranking reports as well as taking you through a few simple steps in optimising the pages to improve the ranking in Google.

So without further ado let’s get started.

First thing to do is to create a free account at Then enter a few of your details as I’ve done for my blog site below. Then click the ‘Submit’ button.

SheerSEO signup details

Now you’ll see a list of keywords on the page under the heading: ‘Suggested search terms’.

SheerSEO has randomly picked these from your website, so they may not be that relevant, but there may be one to two you can use. Just click the + to add any to the box.

To give you worthwhile results you may need to enter a few more in the box. You should have an idea of the ones you’d like your site to rank for, just enter them into the box as I’ve done below.

I’ve used my blog as an example and there was none really on the suggested list (mainly because there isn’t a lot of content on the site yet), so I’ve come up with a short list to start things off.

Always remember, once you’ve created the free account you’ll easily be able to edit the keywords or add more later.

Now click ‘Submit Changes’ button at the end.

SheerSEO Choosing Keywords

SheerSEO will now be gathering information from the search engines on the position of each of the keywords in Google, Bing and Yahoo and place the results in a table, which it will present up to you (it may take a minute or so for this to happen).

The next screen will look something like the screenshot below. You will be able to click the different table headers to view all the information.


That’s all there is too it. You should now have an idea of page rankings for the keywords and have 60 days to monitor how things do.

Get started and claim your 60 free days from SheerSEO.

I’ve writing more guides on using SheerSEO find them on the link below:



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