Review of SheerSEO search term positioning tool

Review of SheerSEO search term positioning toolQuick review to help you decide how this popular keyword tool could help you

I’ve mentioned the SheerSEO keyword tool before, and have written about using it in my SEO Boost Course, the Weekly SEO Lessons and a recent post, and have now decided to write a quick review of SheerSEO to help any website owner to decide how it could help them.

What is SheerSEO?

On their website they describe it as: “Online SEO software that automates your SEO efforts, including rank tracking and link building”, and this is really quite a good description of what it does. However the average website owner would most likely be more interested in how easy it is to use and the sort of result they can expect.

Very easy to find search term positions

From the ease of use point of view it really is simplicity itself to start monitoring your site in the search engines. All you need to do is visit the main site, enter your website address, click Check and then add some chosen keywords into the box on the next page and then click Submit Changes at the bottom of the box. You’ll be then take to a page so you can review the search terms listed, as well as the ranking on the different search engines and which URL you have for each keyword placed in the search engines.

You get 60 days free to review SheerSEO yourself

To be able to review your keyword phrase positions over time you’ll need to create an account, but this only takes a few moments. Once done you can login at any time to see how things are doing, and you get a full 60 days of free use for up to 40 keywords to try it out.

Results from using SheerSEO

60 days is about enough time do some optimisation of the pages for some of the keywords to see what position improvements can be achieved. I’ve found highly effective results can be achieved such as shown in the image below. Obviously it depends on how much time you spend on the pages but you can achieve a lot with even just half an hour a day.

Review of SheerSEO. Example of ranking improvements over 7 days

Review of SheerSEO – Verdict?

SheerSEO is a very useful product for anyone who is keen for their website to do well in the search engines. It’s very easy to use, does exactly what it says and does it well. You also get an unusually long trial period and is great value when you do go on a paid programme.

But there’s more…

This is a very quick review of the most obvious features but there is a whole load more things like backlinks checker, social media, promotion through directories and blogs and a very powerful Google import feature on the Advanced version, that I’m working on as an eBook guide to coming out shortly (sign up to my newsletter so you don’t miss out).

Like to start using SheerSEO to drive your business higher up Google? Click on the link below:

Like to try out SheerSEO with 60 days free use? Click here…



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