Understanding the SEO Ranking Weekly Reports

Understanding the SheerSEO Weekly ReportsIf you’re on our Budget SEO Package, or if you’re just a user of the SheerSEO ranking tool [that Budget SEO Package clients have access to], it’s very helpful to have some knowledge on how the SEO reporting works as this is the main method to gain a quick understanding on how your site is doing in Google.

Login to SheerSEO

First thing is to Login to SheerSEO. If you’re on the Budget Package the login details will be in the monthly update email. Otherwise you’ll receive them directly from SheerSEO.

Once logged in you’ll see a Dashboard showing all the latest changes to the rankings.

To see the reports click ‘Rankings‘ from the links on the left of the page then click ‘Current’.

You will then see a chart that shows along the top the search terms (keywords), progress, rank, ongoing change, date and URL (the web page) in results. You can click any of these to bring them to the top.

In the bullets below I’ve outlined how get the best from the chart (most of these changes are made by clicking the words in the top row of the chart):

  • Change Since Last Sample. This shows the improvements and drops in rankings over the past seven days. Up arrows are rank improvements down arrows drops
  • Click on ‘Rank To find the highest ranking keywords
  • Date Range. By default it will show results from ‘Last Sample’ (last 7 days). Click the ‘Compare To’ drop-down to select a different date range
  • Review other search engines. By default the chart shows results from Google. The Search Engine drop-down will allow you to explore Bing and Yahoo as well
  • Latest Progress column show the keyword movements over the past month
  • Export a report. You can export the current report in Excel or PDF format. Just click the link at the bottom.

Further points to bear in mind when using the Current Rankings report

  • Keyword positions change all the time, sometimes quite dramatically so don’t be surprised to see big gains and sometime big drops as well. The overall aim over time is to see more green arrows pointing up then red arrows pointing down
  • Clients on the Budget Package will sometimes notice more drops than gains in the first month. This is normal as Google adjusts to the optimisation changes we made and the rankings soon recover



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