5 Day Boost Email Course – Emails not arriving? Find the answer below…

If you’ve signed up for the 5 Day Boost Email Course but haven’t received all the email lessons please find below some possible reasons.

  • The email lessons are being sent to your spam folder. Check your spam folder for them and white list them if possible.
  • If you receive some lessons but some are missing again they may be going to your spam folder. Or they may be being filtered by your personal or work email filter. We do everything possible to ensure our sent emails do not get filtered but sometimes it is impossible to avoid. One possible solution is to sign up for the course again using a different email address.

If after trying these solutions you still find the email lessons are going missing you can access then whole course an eBook. This is a free download (just enter your email address) and can be accessed on the link below:

Download the 5 Day Boost Course eBook