Five Simple Steps to better Business Marketing using Twitter. Part 1

Five Simple Steps to better Business Marketing with Twitter - Part 1.

Five Simple Steps to better Business Marketing with Twitter - Part 1.

Marketing your Business with Twitter doesn't have to be difficult if you follow my simple steps...

And it's not as difficult as you might imagine.

In my view Twitter is it is the ultimate non-intrusive form of marketing a business can use. In simple terms, other business people follow you because they are interested in your business or products, and you can send regular updates (tweets). They have absolute control over whether they choose to see what you send, or whether to act upon it. No other form of business marketing works quite this way. As long as you make the tweets you send interesting and useful and don't send them too often, you have little chance of upsetting your followers. Quite unlike, more interruptive marketing systems such as email, telephone or post.

Your tweets won't interrupt your followers.

The reason for this is simple. When you press the "Tweet" button on Twitter to post a business marketing tweet, it's going to appear in the timeline for all your followers. If they happen to be on Twitter at that moment they may see your tweet. They may even see it through a third party application such as HootSuite or TweetDeck, but the important thing is, it is not going to interrupt their day too much.

Need plenty of followers (real ones not fake!)

But there are challenges as well. I've found for Twitter marketing to work you need plenty of followers. And they need to be real followers that have followed you because they are interested in what you offer, or have followed you back, after you've followed them. In my experience the more of these quality followers you have the higher the chance, your Twitter marketing strategy will work, and the more benefit will be gained. I've now been using Twitter for business marketing for over two years, and in that time have learnt quite a bit on what works and what doesn't for this relatively new marketing system. From this knowledge I've outlined the five key Actions I've found work best.

Action 1: Building quality followers.

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