How to use Twitter for Business

How to use Twitter for business

How to use Twitter for business

Twitter offers unique marketing opportunities for your business

Twitter marketing things that work and don’t work

Over the past couple of year’s I’ve been helping quite a few business people to get started with Twitter  and have had a valuable opportunity to see how Twitter can be used for marketing different types of businesses as well as some of the things that work and don’t work.

Planning and a Twitter for Business Strategy

The thing that comes across as most important is planning. Those that have some kind of Twitter for business plan or strategy tend to do best. They have an idea of what they want to achieve with Twitter and therefore have a structured way of going about it.

Where are your target groups on Twitter

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So you need to identify whether your target groups are on Twitter and where you find them. You also need to work out what they’re looking for and how you can help them find it.

If you can visualise the sorts of businesses or people you’d like to have following you on Twitter, that it’s much easier to develop a strategy to find them.

Make tweets interesting and useful

The other big thing I’ve found is that making the tweets useful and interesting can make a big difference in the way people respond to them. If your target group is looking for advice on beauty products then beauty tips on Twitter are going to be useful, especially if they are linked back to more detailed content on a website or blog.

Retweets or mentions

The great benefit of having valuable or useful content on Twitter is how easy others can retweet (RT) that content to their own followers. This is a very powerful way to increase awareness of your business or brand with minimal ongoing effort. You develop useful content and people tell their friends about it. It’s as simple as that.

Keep it up

Keeping going with Twitter (as with other social networks for business use) seems to be a problem for many. I’ve helped quite a few businesses to build up hundreds of followers by sending out good quality tweets; only for things to come to a grinding halt when they are left to own devices.

Regular ongoing use of Twitter for Business

Obviously this comes back to the planning mentioned above, but it is very important to understand that to achieve success when using Twitter for business, you need to apply a regular ongoing effort. This way you build up awareness and your followers start to get to know you. If you stop for any length of time you’re soon forgotten and all your previous efforts count for nothing.

Driving traffic to the website

The other thing I’ve noticed is how building followers, regular tweeting and actively interacting with others on Twitter, can bring a substantial increase in website traffic. This is especially true if you add a shortened url link in your tweets.

Where do the Twitter visitors come from?

Obviously some will come directly from your Twitter page, but more are generated by the tweets and shortened url’s. As tweets are retweeted and forwarded, so more traffic is generated.

The other great benefit from this website traffic is the inbound links it brings from Twitter, links that are being recognised more and more by Google.

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Updated 02 December 2012



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