Introduction to Website Content Marketing Part 7

Introduction to Website Content Marketing Part 7

Email autoresponders, what they do and how to get the best from them As mentioned in Part 2 autoresponders work by sending recipients, who will have signed up, a series of targeted messages or bits of information on a topic. This is quite different from general email marketing where you write each email as you go and then broadcast it out to your list. Autoresponders are managed by an a piece of software … Continue reading

Drive website traffic by answering people’s questions

Drive website traffic by answering peoples questions

Have you noticed how many more questions and answers are appearing in online content theses days? Just read any online news outlet and you’ll notice headlines framed as questions (with the answer in the text below), and even blatantly obvious headlines such as “What time is Downton Abbey on tonight?” Why is this happening? To find the answer we need to look towards the search engines and the sorts of … Continue reading

Getting Google to pick the best meta description text

Best meta description text

When you type a search term or question into Google and look at the results you will notice a clickable heading and some text underneath. You might read this text and you may notice it is or isn’t very relevant to the result you were looking for. Just how relevant it is will depend on a number of things, but one of the biggest factors is how much effort a … Continue reading

SEO Case Study. How Solar Gate Systems moved 198 places up the rankings

SEO Case Study: Solar Gate Systems

This SEO case study looks how a pretty typical small business can move their pages right up the rankings even without a huge budget SEO Case Study Background Solar Gate Systems who are based in Oxford UK, offer a range of automatic solar powered gate openers offering the unique advantage that no electric cable is needed to be dug into the ground. The website was first built using WordPress in … Continue reading

Backlinks SEO Tutorial. Are they helping or hindering your site?

Backlinks SEO Tutorial

In this quick backlinks SEO tutorial we’re going to take a look at your website’s backlinks to try and identify whether there are any issues with them that might be affecting how well the site does in the search engines. So what are backlinks? Just in case you don’t know, a backlink (aka inbound links, or links to your site) is a link from another website to your website. It … Continue reading

On Page SEO vs Off Page SEO. Which is the best option?

On Page SEO vs Off Page SEO Which is the best option

Is on-page keyword optimisation still an effective way to drive your web pages higher in the search engines? In the on page SEO vs off page SEO debate, you could be forgiven for thinking that to have any chance of success in driving your site higher in Google you need to be practising a much wider range of off page marketing activities than just making sure you have relevant keyword … Continue reading

Google Analytics Campaigns & how they can help you make the best marketing decisions

Learn how to set up your own Google Analytics Campaigns Do you use Google Analytics to monitor the visitors on your website? Chances are you do as it’s an extremely powerful package and of course it’s free. Most people log in now and then to check the overall visitor numbers and maybe look at which pages they visited. But Analytics can do an awful lot more than that and one … Continue reading

Introduction to Website Content Marketing Part 6

Introduction to Website Content Marketing Part 6

Content Marketing with eBooks, PDFs, white papers and other downloadable guides Have you ever downloaded a free eBook or white paper? If you’ve spent time trying to learn more about a topic online you will have most likely come across an eBook or PDF guide, outlining just what you need, available to you with no cost other than your email address or similar details. In truth this type of content … Continue reading