Review of SheerSEO search term positioning tool

Review of SheerSEO search term positioning tool

Quick review to help you decide how this popular keyword tool could help you I’ve mentioned the SheerSEO keyword tool before, and have written about using it in my SEO Boost Course, the Weekly SEO Lessons and a recent post, and have now decided to write a quick review of SheerSEO to help any website owner to decide how it could help them. What is SheerSEO? On their website they … Continue reading

WordPress SEO Tutorial to Help You Write Higher Ranking Posts

WordPress SEO Tutorial

Writing the perfect WordPress post from an SEO point of view If you want your WordPress posts to have a good chance of ranking well in the search engines, from the moment they’re published, you’ll need to be very proactive in applying the SEO right from the moment you start. Although this may sound difficult and time consuming, once you get into the habit of applying these techniques early on, … Continue reading

On-page SEO – Quick way to visually see the focus keywords when optimising a web page

On-page SEO

One of the difficulties of on-page SEO is being able to see the keywords as you work on them But there is a very quick and easy way to achieve this It’s not too difficult to work out what on-page SEO is. It’s everything ‘on-page’ and in the day to day world of SEO that’s mostly the keyword phrases you want to match to the search terms people use. In … Continue reading

SEO Lessons with One New Lesson Every Week

pm page lessons thumbs2

Read on below and find out how to get the first two lessons for free Over the past few years I’ve been developing the range of Premium content on ReallySimpleSEO that now runs to 10 eBooks, over 500 Tips, Guides and Tutorials, the 30 Day Starter Course, as well as my SEO Tips Paperback posted out to you. Now I’ve taken things one step further by developing ongoing SEO Lessons … Continue reading

Finding your website’s most popular keywords in Google using Search Console & SheerSEO

Finding your websites most popular keywords in Google

When working to improve results from search term keyword it always makes sense to start with the most popular keywords and phrases you are placed for in the search engines and look at ways to get their positions higher. This is always going to be the easiest way to get quick results. Find the most popular keywords in Google with the Search Console We can do this quite easily with … Continue reading

SEO Usability Testing: How offering the best visitor user experience can also drive SEO

SEO Usability Testing How offering the best visitor user experience can also drive SEO

Just by focusing on SEO usability testing to give your visitors everything they are looking for can help ranking Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easy way to keep you website high in the search engines without having to worry about things like keyword phrases or backlinks? Chances are that’ll never quite be the case but there is something you can do that, indirectly could make a big … Continue reading

6 Quick WordPress SEO Tips to Optimise Your Website or Blog

6 Quick WordPress SEO Tips to Optimise Your Website or Blog

WordPress is one of the easiest platforms you can find to power your website But optimising the pages for the search engines is not always so straightforward It’s said that 25% of the web now runs on WordPress. That’s an astonishing 76 million sites give or take, easily making it the world’s leading blogging platform and most popular CMS (content management system) by a long way. The main reason for this … Continue reading

SEO Related Searches. How they can offer you unique long tail keyword phrases

Related Searches can offer you unique long tail SEO keyword phrases

Find out how SEO related searches might work for you Anyone who has used a search engine recently will more than likely notice the related searches offered up that they can click on to expand upon the original search or learn more about the topic. More times than not these phrases can be a great help in finding more useful information. For website owners these related searches offer an opportunity … Continue reading