Proven and Affordable SEO Package for Any Business

Learn how our SEO Package will help your website

For over seven years we've been offering businesses our simple, straightforward and affordable monthly SEO Package that's based on ongoing website optimisation, coupled with keyword research and detailed reporting on progress.

Why our Budget SEO Package is so effective and affordable

Our SEO Package is fixed at just £50 per month. So you’ll know exactly how much you’re spending. We work on two pages every month to improve rankings. If you need more pages done there's our Boost Package which allows us to optimise up to six pages a month.


You'll have full visibility on what we've been doing from the Work Record and be able to monitor progress at any time from the online Rank Tracking Software (learn more below).

Focused on ranking for targeted, relevant keyword phrases

People looking for your products or services will be entering search phrases into Google. We will work with you to find 25 of the best and most relevant phrases to focus on.

We find where your site is currently positioned for the target keywords

We’ll then enter all the targeted keyword phrases into an online Rank Tracking Software that you'll also have a login to. This shows where the site is currently ranked and will enable you to monitor progress ongoing.

We’ll then start working to improve the ranking of your website

We then work ongoing to improve the ranking of each of your web pages. We’ll work on two pages every month editing meta titled, meta description edits, image alt tags added or updated and minor text changes as required.

Online Work Record

You'll have access to a Work Record document so you can see which pages we've been working on and any notes about our work. You'll also be able to log in to the Rank Tracking Software at any time to monitor progress.

Included for free your own suite of tools to help you market your website

As part of the Budget Package you'll have access to a suite of powerful tools you can use to help you market and improve your website. These include Website Competitor Check, Website Marketing Plan, Website Audit, Backlinks Monitor and Social Media Dashboard. All these tools will be available through the Rank Tracking Software login.

Need to give your website a Boost in the search engines?

If you want to give your website a head start in the search engines take a look at our Boost Package. Under it we'll optimise up to six pages instead of two as well as researching further target keywords. Explore the Boost SEO Package now.