Budget SEO Package: A straightforward and cost-effective SEO package focused on improving your website's rankings. (See the "Double Pages Optimised Offer" below.)

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My name is David Howlett. I started the Budget SEO Package back in 2015, and since then have helped many hundreds of businesses rank their websites higher in the search engines, and at the most affordable cost. The aim then was to offer a highly affordable SEO package that delivered great ongoing results for the least possible cost to our clients. Scroll forward eight years to reveal many hundreds of successful clients as a testament to our success. Read on below to learn what our Package can do for you.
Double Pages Optimised Offer

Double Pages Optimised Offer.

Start our Budget Package today and we will work on optimising twice the number of pages for you in the first month. That means we'll be working on optimising 10 pages in the first month instead of the standard 5 pages per month (limited offer, may end at any time). Start the Budget Package now.

Eight years and counting, helping business owners rank their websites higher.

For over eight years our Budget SEO Package has been helping small, medium and large business owners rank their websites higher on the search engines (read the testimonials below from just a few website owners we've helped).

When we created the Package all those years ago we wanted to offer website owners something fundamentally different from the expensive, complicated services which other SEO firms offer. We looked closely at what other firms were offering and also what business website owners said they wanted.

It is a fact that the cost of good SEO services is often out of reach for many small businesses.

Research by industry news site Search Engine Journal found that the average cost of SEO ranges from £600 to £2,000 per month, which most small or medium-sized businesses simply cannot afford. That's why we've developed our ultra-low-cost Budget SEO Package that delivers first-class keyword rankings without the high price tag.

Why do so many SEO agencies make everything seem so complicated (and expensive!)?

Businesses looking for help with SEO have to navigate a bewildering array of often conflicting advice, first online when they are looking for information, and then secondly when they speak with an SEO firm to learn about their services. Often they end up even more confused than when they started.


But it doesn't have to be that way. Our Budget Package is focused on keeping things as simple as possible so you know exactly what you are getting for your money.


"As a small start-up business, we needed our website to found by potential customers. We looked around at SEO companies to improve our website visibility but the costs were too high. We came across ReallySimpleSEO and gave it a try and not looked back. As a result we get good results landing on pages 1 -3 on Google, we have signed up many customers by them finding us online, some as far away as Germany and Sweden. An amazing service that works and cost effective." Ron Turrell. Howling Moon PR

Google's own SEO guidance makes it so simple.

When you next have a chance, take a look at Google's own SEO teaching material in Google Garage, Google Search Central, or the Search Off the Record podcast. One thing you quickly learn is how simple SEO actually is according to Google.

How does our Budget SEO Package differ from the offerings of other SEO firms?

  • Lower cost. Since we started our Budget Package over eight years ago, the focus has always been on making it as affordable as possible for any business, while still delivering excellent results for our clients.
  • Other SEO firms make everything seem so complicated, but we offer a simple, easy-to-understand package so you know exactly what you're getting.
  • Most SEO firms spend a lot of time talking to you about strategy and bespoke options, but we focus totally on delivering your better rankings at the lowest cost.
  • Rather than listen to the crowd, we've gone right to the source and follow what Google themselves say and follow their teachings in everything we do.

Google has a simple rule that website owners can follow for success:

After spending some time with Google's training information, you start to realise that the overall message is a simple one: make everything you do on your website about giving visitors a better experience. For example, if you're writing content for them, make sure it fully serves their needs and answers their questions.

Google says: "Put your website visitors first."

We take our cues from Google's own advice, focusing on the things that can make the biggest benefit to you with the least cost. After all, Google has been the dominant search engine for over twenty years. It makes sense to follow their advice, especially if you're looking for long-term success.

Case Study

Oxford-based Solar Gate Systems offer a range of automatic solar-powered gate openers, giving farmers and rural landowners enhanced gate security even when mains power is unavailable. The business owner wanted a high ranking for solar gate and farm security keywords.

Here’s a selection of keyword phrases we focused on (click on the keyword link to see the ranking achieved): solar gate systems, solar closing gates, solar powered gates, solar gate installer, eco friendly gate opening, (you may need to look below the ads on the search page to see organic results).

With our Budget Package, we put you at the heart of optimising your website.

You want the best search ranking for your website at an affordable cost. We put you at the centre of optimising your website as we've found it drives the best results at the most affordable cost.


For example you might publish a new blog post, or update your services page, we'll then come in and do the optimisation on the page so it has the best chance of ranking high on Google. 

How are we different from other SEO firms?

It's a fact that a traditional SEO firm will spend a significant amount of time getting to know the client's needs and requirements. The specialist needs to meet with the client in person or over Zoom, review the website, identify the best options, and develop a forward-looking strategy; as well as managing the resulting email and telephone correspondence.


And that's all before any time has been spent on actually optimising the website's pages.


"The Budget SEO Package has been extremely valuable to our business and we've seen some incredible changes in our rankings since partnering with David. For one particularly competitive keyword, we moved from page 8 to page 1 within one month! And we are now on at least the first 3 pages of the Google search results for our main keywords. I can't recommend the Budget SEO Package enough, it's extremely good value for money and the customer service from David, as well as all the reports available on a monthly basis, has been second to none. Thank you, David." Matt Holmes Visual8.

We take a different approach...

You can still enjoy excellent results even without paying large amounts of money for an SEO specialist to give you one-to-one personal service, and that’s exactly what we’ve done with our Budget SEO Package.


"David Howlett provided us with a responsive, attentive and professional SEO service for the minimum monthly fee. Sarah Jane Hemsley." Sarah Jane Hemsley sjhupholstery.com.

How we deliver great results at a much lower cost?

How have we done it? It's very simple. Rather than an expensive SEO consultant spending time reviewing and discussing the optimisation plan with you, we use powerful software to analyse and review the site and then research the most relevant keywords people might enter in Google. The software will then rank all your pages for these keywords so we can see what needs to be done. Only then do our skilled SEO specialists complete the final page optimisation.


This massively reduces the time needed to carry out the work each month and focuses the skilled consultant's time where it's needed, that is, working on improving the ranking of your website.

We work on optimising five of your website's pages every month

Every month we'll work on optimising five pages of your website to improve ranking. Over the years of running this package we've found this to be the optimal number to show worthwhile gains, while still ensuring the package is affordable for any business.


If you have a lot of pages that need working on, we offer a Boost Package where we'll work on more pages every month.


"I have found the way the budget package works, fits in with my social media to help boosting my website, whilst also being financially affordable. The service from David and his team is always helpful and responsive. The opportunity to check and measure through the system is a great bonus. Thanks for making it easy and understandable to use." Emile Azan Chameleon Interior Design.

How does the Budget SEO Package work?

Every website on the internet will most likely have been indexed by the search engines and placed somewhere in the results for a whole range of keywords. The problem is most of the placements are too far down the listings to drive any significant traffic.

The simple goal of our Budget SEO Package is to identify those phrases and pages and move them higher up the rankings as quickly as we can. A first page position in the search results will yield up to 100 times the visits over a second page position.

Identify the conversion keywords that deliver

Simply put conversion keywords are more likely to lead to a sale or enquiry.


A big part of our focus during the keyword research stage is to identify the rarer keywords that can deliver. By that we mean search term phrases people might enter into a search engine, to find your website.


Among all those search term will be a much smaller number that will deliver significantly better results. We call these the money keywords. By using the powerful software to cross reference the data from the search engines we're able to identify them and which of your pages they're appearing for.


"Not knowing a great deal about seo at the start of the process, David has been invaluable in introducing me to seo, keywords and meta data. He provides an excellent service, always comes back to me with suggestions on improvements and provides a tracking tool so you can always see where things are. This gives you a unique insight into improvements, and more importantly areas that need to be improved. Would recommend to any small business wishing to improve their seo visibility. Richard Jackson Forever Creative Photography.

Now we start optimising each page to bring it higher

Now that the software has found the qualified search terms people are using, we now optimise each of your website's pages, targeting the highest possible position (the higher it goes the more traffic you'll get). This might involve making small changes to the text or headings, editing the meta tags or a combination of the two.

So what results can I really expect?

The aim of this service is to drive your website pages higher in the search engines than they currently are. So if a page is currently at position 10 the aim would be to bring it up to position 5 or higher. Just increasing a page's position by these few places can double or treble the visitors to that page. Over time all these small gains make for a big increase in overall traffic.

What do I need to do?

We've designed the Package so we can work for you quietly in the background to improve the ranking of your website's pages, without you needing to make any major commitment or input other than to keep on updating and adding new content.

Keep adding more website content and blog posts

The only thing you do need to do is keep on adding content to your website, with new pages about your products or services and adding blog posts if you have a blog. Generally speaking websites that have more quality content rank much better in the search engines.

Start today and get full free access to all these powerful Website Marketing Tools...

We've pulled together these seven powerful Website Marketing Tools, you'll have full access to once you start the Package (limited offer may end at any time).

Rankings Reports

Here is listed all the keywords we've researched so you can see where they are ranked in Google at any time day or night. Not only that you can see rankings for any date your choose going back to when you started the package. You can also see the Traffic Forecast estimating how many more visitors your website will receive in the future.

Analytics & Traffic

Most website owners use Google Analytics and Google Search Console to monitor how their website is doing, but trying to make sense of all the data is challenging. With the Analytics & Traffic tool you can access all data available in one place with highly visible easy to understand reports that will help you understand just what is working and what isn't.

Research Competitors

Like to know how well your competitor is doing? With the Competitor Research Tool you can really learn their SEO secrets. Just enter their website address to instantly see things like where they rank in organic and paid search, what their top keywords are, how much they are spending on ads, their most popular pages and more besides. Need a list of your top competitors? It can do that as well.

Keyword Research

Want to know how hard it would be to rank for a certain keyword? Or maybe you'd like to explore a range of keyword ideas when writing a new blog post? Or perhaps you'd how much your keyword ideas might cost with pay per click? All these things you can do easily with the Keyword Research Tool. Just open it, enter your keyword and press go.

Marketing Plan

The Marketing Plan walks you through all the steps you need to take to help you get more business from your website. It's very easy to follow. On one side you tick a box of what you want to do and at the other side is a link to instructions of how to do it. So for example if you wanted to get your website on my business listings, just click on the Listings link and start entering your business details.


"David has been working on my site for a year via the budget Seo package. I am very pleased with his work and would recommend him" Martin Rathbone owner Rathbone Pest Control.

Got a question? Find an answer in the FAQ below

Got a question or need information? Take a look at the FAQs below. If you can't find the answer use Ask a Question box at the end.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, there are no contracts or conditions with the Budget SEO Package or the Boost Package, you are free to cancel whenever you wish.

Will I get phone or email communication with the package?

As this is a fixed price budget package there is no phone and limited email communication. We tend to spend all the time available to work on optimising the website. However you will receive regular monthly updates on progress and can login to the Rank Tracking Software at any time to review progress.

How long before I see any improvements?

You should see some improvements within the first few months. The Budget SEO Package has been designed as an ongoing service so while it is running, gradually rankings should improve. If you'd like us to work on more pages each month we offer a Boost Package. Contact us directly for more information.

Can you work on more pages a month?

Yes, if you have a lot of pages on your website, or want to get a head-start on things we offer a Boost Package where we work on more pages each month. Contact us directly for more.

How do you take the payments?

Most of our UK clients pay each month using BACS. For our overseas clients or those who don't wish to use BACS, we take payments via a monthly PayPal subscription.

What will you need to start working in my site?

To start the initial keyword research and set up the search term ranking tool we'll just need your web address. For us to do the optimisation work on your web pages we'll need access to you web site editor.

I have a brand new website that isn't on Google at all yet, will this package help me?

Yes. We can just as easily help with a new website although it may take longer to achieve the higher rankings than a site that is already established on the search engines. Many clients with a new site will start with our Boost Package, so we can work on more pages to begin with.

How long will I need to keep the Package going?

Our Budget SEO Package is designed to be used ongoing for best results and most of our clients see positive results within the first month or so, this continues in the subsequent months going forward. This is borne out by the very low drop-out rate, with 90% of the businesses staying on the package for more than a year.

I live outside the UK can I still use the service?

Yes absolutely. But at present we can only work in the English language.

What SEO work does the Package cover and what doesn't it cover?

The Package covers keyword research on up to 50 search terms then on-page optimisation work such as editing text to include keywords, meta tag editing and reworking page headings as needed. Not covered is telephone/Skype consultations, meetings, strategy and planning.

I have a list of keywords I want you to target, can you get No 1 position for all of them?

We are more than happy to include any keywords you have for the optimisation, but can make no guarantee on search engine positions. The Budget Package is focused on securing page ranking improvements that are stable over time for relevant, qualified search terms that real people are entering into the search engines. This is far more valuable in the longer term than simply trying to hit no 1 spot for a handful of keywords.

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"I can’t recommend David and his budget really simple SEO package highly enough, David has been providing us with this service since 2017, and against a multi-billion dollar competitor who’s marketing department is bigger than our whole company, David always ensures we come out on top!" Helen Harrison Sales Director Star Hydraulics.

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Double Pages Optimised Offer

Start the Budget Package with us today and we will work on optimising twice the number of pages for you in the first month. That means we'll be working on optimising 10 pages in the first month instead of the usual 5 pages per month (limited offer, may end at any time).

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.