Got a question? Find an answer in the FAQ below.

Got a question or need information? Take a look at the FAQs below. If you can't find the answer use Ask a Question box at the end.

How much does the Package cost?

The cost is just £50 a month. You can pay via monthly invoice or via a credit/debit card with a PayPal Subscription.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, there are no contracts or conditions with the Budget SEO Package, you are free to cancel whenever you wish.

Will I get phone or email communication with the package?

As this is a fixed price budget package there is no phone and limited email communication. We tend to spend all the time available to work on optimising the website. However you will receive regular monthly updates on progress via the Work Record.

How long before I see any improvements?

You should see some improvements within the first few months. The Budget SEO Package has been designed as an ongoing service leading to gradually improving the rankings over time.

What will you need to start working in my site?

We'll just need access to your website's editor to do the optimisation work. We will be in touch asking for this shortly after you start on the Package.

I have a brand new website that isn't on Google at all yet, will this package help me?

Yes. We can just as easily help with a new website although it may take longer to achieve the higher rankings than a site that is already established on the search engines.

How long will I need to keep the Package going?

Our Budget SEO Package is designed to be used ongoing for best results and most of our clients see positive results within the first month or so, this continues in the subsequent months going forward. This is borne out by the very low drop-out rate, with 90% of the businesses staying on the package for more than a year.

I live outside the UK can I still use the service?

Yes absolutely. But at present we can only work in the English language.

What SEO work does the Package cover and what doesn't it cover?

The Package covers ongoing on-page optimisation work to improve ranking. Not covered is telephone/Zoom consultations, meetings, strategy, bespoke SEO work and SEO planning.