How Come Our £50/Month Budget SEO Package Costs So Little?

And how well does it work?

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Most search marketing agencies generally charge from £200 to £1500 a month for their services, so why does our Budget SEO Package cost so much less, and is it any good?

Highly affordable SEO for any business.

The aim of our package is to be affordable for any business. £50 a month is certainly an amount just about any business can afford, no matter how small. The big question is, does the package work for such a low rate, and how does it compare to the more expensive conventional packages?

What a Full Service SEO firm might offer.

To try and answer that, we need to look at what you get with the more expensive SEO agency packages. Usually, you’ll be assigned an account manager, and their first job will be to run some keyword research reports. This should give you an idea of where your site is currently placed. They will then do an SEO review of your site, looking for any technical or other issues that need to be fixed. These costs may be built into the monthly cost or may be charged upfront.

What you get depends on what you pay. 

What the SEO agency will do for you every month will depend very much on how much you are paying. Generally, a higher cost is associated with someone spending more time working on marketing your website, whether that be doing on-page work optimising your content, advising you on strategies, or off-line marketing.

SEO firms often focus on keywords.

Most packages will offer some sort of keyword focus, so you and the agency will agree on the keywords you want to rank well for; and they will work on that target. Generally, the more keywords, the higher the cost. Some may offer link-building services (although these can be risky for ranking success these days), and all will send you monthly reports on how things are going.

The costs can really add up for you. 

So if an agency is genuinely doing all these things and maybe more, it is no surprise the cost can be quite high, but if they are doing the work, hopefully you should see results.

We take a different approach.

Going back to the title question at the start of this post, how come our SEO package costs so little at just £50 a month? When we designed this ultra-low-cost package, we knew it would have to be pared back in what we offer to make it cost-effective, but it still needed to deliver effective results for those on the package.

Why our Budget Package is so affordable. 

The answer is simple: On-page SEO. As the name suggests, this focuses on the content and SEO tags on the pages. This is one of the most effective ways to grow website ranking over time. We know that because Google has themselves outlined the importance of this themselves and because it works. Simply put, this is the lowest hanging SEO fruit, the biggest bang for buck, and how we can offer such a low-cost SEO package that’s proven to work so well for our clients.