Will AI Generated Content Rank Well On My Website?

This is a question I often get asked nowadays. Many website owners are trying out AI generation tools and finding they can generate what seems like reasonably useful information. They then wonder if these tools could be used for web page content generation.

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A Simple Rule to Apply

There's a simple rule you can apply to test this idea. Google, in their Starter Guide and other published information, states that the key to good content is that it's useful and worthwhile for your visitors.

How Useful Would I Find This Content?

So you can apply the same rule to any content you generate via AI. Ask yourself, as a visitor to your website, how useful would I find this content? Would I get all the information I need from it?

Try generating content yourself with an AI chatbot.

Obviously, it's very easy to try this out. You can simply ask the AI generator to create the webpage content for you. For example, I asked ChatGPT to write a useful and informative article based on the heading of this post. You can see the results here. The article ChatGPT wrote is clearly written, logical, and contains some useful and informative content. However, once you start reading the text, it becomes obvious it was written by a machine. There's no human connection or personal touch to the words.

You have the knowledge needed to create better content than a AI chatbot

Google has made it very clear that they focus on high-quality, trustworthy, and relevant page content these days. Applying this fact to the content you create for your own website pages, the only person who knows your products or services well enough is you or someone from your company. No matter how much information you feed into an AI chatbot, in my view, it will never write the sort of people-focused, informative content that Google is looking for.

AI chatbots can still be a very useful for brainstorming and final checks.

That's not to say that AI chatbots aren't useful. They can be valuable for coming up with ideas and brainstorming. Additionally, when you've finished your draft, they're very useful for proofreading and final checks for grammar and spelling.

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