Search Engines Like Descriptive URLs

And how Google can take these descriptive URLs and create a keyword breadcrumb trail on the results page.

Whenever you create a new page or blog post in your website's content management system (CMS), at the same time you create the URL for that page.

This is not something you need to think about too much as the CMS will normally create it for you based on the page title.

So for example this page's url will be: The CMS has simply picked up the page title, made it all lower case, replaced hyphens instead of spaces and added it in behind the website address.

Quite often the page title is a adequate description, but if you CMS allows it, you can edit it to improve. The general rule is a few words to describe the page; that are easy to understand.

Google uses these descriptive URLs to create a breadcrumb trail on their results page.

These descriptive URLs are important because Google will often use them to create a breadcrumb trail on the search results page to help visitors better understand the results.